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  • At the ticket offices of the Cultural Center "Hellenic Cosmos", Piraeus 254, Post Code 17778, Tavros.
  • Online from this page.
  • Specifically for the Theatron, tickets are also available by phone at 212 254 0300 with credit card charge.
  • For information about events and activities at the Cultural Center "Hellenic Cosmos", you can call 212 254 0000.
  • Operating Hours
  • Special Ticket Categories

Ticket Reservations



Book your tickets online for performances at «Theatron»


Get informed about all current exhibitions hosted at the Cultural Center "Hellenic Cosmos" and make your reservation online.



Tickets for screenings at «Tholos» are also available directly from the ticket offices of "Hellenic Cosmos".

It is recommended to book seats in advance.

For information on screening days and times
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Ticket Information

  • Special price categories apply for holders of unemployment cards, persons with disabilities, students, and young people up to 26 years old.
  • Discount tickets are issued only from the theater's box office or via phone reservation.
  • For seats for persons with disabilities, please get information by phone.
  • Purchasing and collecting these tickets is done at the box office of the "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Center.
  • For any information, contact us at 212 254 0300 or via e-mail at
  • Ticket discounts apply to unemployment card holders, disability card holders, university student card holders, people up to 26 years old (or youth card holders), children up to 12yo, visitors over 65yo, military personnel and journalists (credentials necessary).
  • Teachers of primary and secondary education schools are eligible for free entry. OLME Card or DOE Card necessary.
  • For information regarding tickets with discounts and their availability, please contact the ticket office at (+30) 212 254 0000. You may book your tickets via phone and collect them at the box office.
  • No discounts apply to the "General Admission" screenings.
  • Credit (Visa & MasterCard) and debit cards are accepted.
  • For the discount ticket holders, visitors and spectators are required to provide proof of eligibility upon entry.
  • Each purchased ticket grants admission to one person to the venue stated therein and is valid exclusively for the date, performance (show, screening or event) and time for which it has been issued. The ticket is also subject to additional conditions that may be written on it.
  • To enter, you should either bring your ticket printed or in PDF file format on your mobile phone, in such a way that the Barcode of the ticket is visible.
  • If the credit card transaction is rejected for any reason by the issuing bank or the credit card network (such as exceeding credit limit or suspected fraud), then the ticket order is automatically cancelled.
  • If you do not receive a booking confirmation message, regarding payment and purchase, through the online booking system after filling out your personal details and completing your payment, it is your responsibility to contact in order to be informed whether your transaction has been completed or not. If an error message or service interruption occurs when filling out your details, it is your responsibility to contact in order to be informed whether your transaction has been completed or not. The "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Center bears no any responsibility for any monetary or other damage you may suffer, in case you did not receive confirmation of your booking through the ticket service
  • For these issues please contact the customer service department at +30 211 7700 000.
  • The "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Center bears no responsibility for any monetary or other damage the user may suffer, in case you did not receive confirmation of your booking.
  • The "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Center bears no responsibility in case your ticket is stolen or used by a third party without your knowledge in any way. If your ticket is lost or copied, only the first time it is scanned and used at the entrance counts. This means that after the first use of the ticket, it is no longer valid.
  • The ticket assigned to you is strictly personal and you have no right to resell it. The ticket holder is also not allowed to use the ticket in any kind of contests or other promotional actions as a prize without the permission of the "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Center.
  • The ticket holder is not entitled to any additional free service, unless this has been otherwise stated.
  • Eating and drinking from the café is optional.
  • Ticket purchase through are governed by International and European law, which regulate electronic commerce issues, as well as the Consumer Protection Law (Law 2251/1994 currently in force), which regulates matters relating to online purchases.
  • For online purchases through, the "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Center is not involved in the booking process, personal information or data distribution and ticket delivery. The entire transaction process takes place in the secure environment of the company VIVA.
  • In, the user will be asked to enter mandatory credit card or bank account details. You must have the legal right to use the credit card or account in question.
  • After completing the transaction, you have no right to cancel or request for refund, as well as to change or resell the tickets. There are also no refunds for lost, stolen or damaged tickets.
  • Regardless the reason a ticket is paid and purchased incorrectly (e.g. wrong data entry or software technical problem of the ticket platform), the "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Center reserves the right to cancel the ticket and/or refund the value of the ticket in part or in full.

  • In case of any event cancelation due to force majeure, artists inability to appear or any other reason that do not fall under neither the responsibility of the “Hellenic Cosmos” Cultural Center nor a specific case regulated by a State-Government decision (e.g. K.Y.A., law etc.), the “Hellenic Cosmos” Cultural Center will issue an official statement regarding a refund option. Apart from the aforementioned regulations, the refund option will only be available under the following condition as well: the definitive inability of the postponed event to happen and the artists to appear in our country, within 180 days of their scheduled appearance. In case the event happens and the artists appear within the 180-day period, then the ticket holder will be able to use their ticket on the new date of the event, which will be determined by the production company. Accordingly, the previously bought tickets are valid and cannot be compensated.
  • In case of permanent cancellation of the event due to the fault of the "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Center, then the ticket holders are eligible for a full refund.
  • Event cancellation is defined as the definitive cancellation of a scheduled event without the possibility of a new date.
  • If any event is interrupted or cancelled due to force majeure, at least 60 minutes after its start, it is considered complete and will not repeated. Accordingly, the tickets will not be refunded by the "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Center.
  • Under this term, the personal information you provide us are subject to our Company's Privacy Policy, which can be found at the following link/privacy-policy. The term meets the conditions set by the General Regulation of Personal Data 679/2016 of the EU.
  • The spectators, who do not have their tickets in physical or digital format, must arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the show. The spectators, who have their tickets in physical or digital format, must arrive at least 15 minutes prior.
  • After the start of the performance, you may be denied to enter the venue. In case of late arrival, the spectators may be allowed to enter, yet could be taken to different seats than the ones assigned at the tickets.
  • The "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Center reserves the right to refuse entry or to escort a ticket holder out from any event (it organizes) for the following reasons. If:
  • The presented ticket is in an impossible to scan and validate condition.
  • Forgery is suspected.
  • The ticket holder is violent, offensive or publicly incites acts of hatred, racism, sexism, etc. In particular, the ticket holders, who either before or during their entry, behave violently or violate the law with their appearance (clothing, symbols, banners) or/and infringe the rights of others, may be escorted out.
  • The ticket holder is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other toxic substances.
  • The ticket holder does not comply with the instructions of the "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Center staff.
  • Ticket holders, who may harm themselves or others.
  • The ticket holder is under 17 years of age and is unaccompanied by an adult.
  • The ticket holder demands to enter the event area with their pet(s). Unless there is a specific announcement for the event, only guide/service/assistance pets are excluded.
  • The ticket holders bring their own food, drinks (including drinks such as coffee, tea, etc.) and/or soft drinks to the event area.
  • The ticket holders carry a backpack or other similar carry-ons, for which there is a suspicion of transporting dangerous objects that can harm the physical integrity of the other attendees. Backpacks may be allowed, under the condition that the ticket holders accept relevant inspection of the contents by the staff.
  • The ticket holders become personally responsible for any damage or bodily harm caused to third parties or themselves, under the influence of drugs or due to excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • The right to enter is indisputable to all ticket holders regardless of nationality, religion, gender, sexual preferences or any other social status and personal circumstances.
  • It is strictly forbidden to film, take pictures and photos of the event by any means.

  • Disputes arising during the operation and interpretation herein, if not resolved amicably, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens and Greek Law will be applicable.

  • In case of conflicting provisions, the terms stated on the ticket prevail as more specific.
  • The invalidity of one or more terms of this document does not affect the validity of the entirety of these terms.

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