"The Verdict" by Barry Reed at "Theatron"

The captivating legal thriller "The Verdict" is presented for the first time in Greece, during the theater season 2024-2025 at the "Theatron" of the "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Centre.

The new major production by the Foundation of the Hellenic World and Theasis Cultural Actions is directed by Petros Zoulias, starring Grigoris Valtinos.


The "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Centre welcomes the theatrical play "The Verdict" by Barry Reed in October. Grigoris Valtinos plays the role of a resilient and incorruptible lawyer in a dark and complex case. Following the huge success of Gregory Xenopoulos's "Contessa Valeraina", Petros Zoulias undertakes to direct a deeply social judicial drama in an ambitious production by the Foundation of the Hellenic World and Theasis Cultural Actions.

Petros Zoulias - photo by Marilena Anastasiadou

Grigoris Valtinos - photo by Dimitris Dimitriadis

A Few Words About the Play

The tremendously relevant theme of justice delivery in our times is dealt with in the multifaceted story of "The Verdict". Frank Galvin, a disgraced alcoholic lawyer, undertakes to vindicate his young client, Deborah Ann Kay, who falls into a coma due to medical malpractice at the famous hospital of the Catholic Church, "Saint Catherine's", in Boston. The accused in the case are the high-ranking doctors of the hospital, represented by the ruthless powerful lawyer Ed Concannon. The search for truth and the moral justification of the victim go through many obstacles and twists. Frank Galvin will face the frivolity of the institutions and the hypocrisy of the powerful. The case of Deborah Kay will become the starting point for another relationship with himself and the essence of his life. The story of "The Verdict" is nothing but the clash between the corrupt system of power and the human individual struggling with honesty and dignity for a fairer and more humane world.

The film "The Verdict" (1982) by Sidney Lumet starring Paul Newman has garnered five Oscar nominations and five Golden Globe nominations, and the play has been adapted several times on the world theater stage, receiving positive reviews and comments from the audience.

The rest of the actors and contributors to the production will be announced soon.



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