The Science Park. Archimedes at Planet Physics.

An impressive park dedicated to Science opens its gates to the public at the Cultural Center "Hellenic Cosmos" of the Foundation for the Hellenic World. It is a unique park with exhibits inspired by the inventions of Archimedes, ancient machines, and the laws of Physics.

Visitors will have the opportunity, among other things, to walk through a corridor with laser beams, get lost in a maze of mirrors, hoist themselves up to a meter high by pulling a rope, solve the puzzle of the Osteomachine, experiment with ferromagnetic fluid, study the effect of centrifugal force, create a giant water vortex, learn all about light reflection and composition, the desimbelometer, the giant Plasma ball, and explore impressive holograms and mirrors of infinite depth.

The "Science Park" includes a plethora of interactive exhibits, including the particularly successful exhibition "Planet Physics," which, thanks to its innovative musical design, introduces visitors, both young and old, to the concepts of Physics and promotes their active participation. Visitors can enhance their exhibition experience with educational programs and experiments.

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